Our founding philosophy is to produce something that appeals to people in its own special way – giving something extra, without adding anything unnecessary. As a part of our approach to design we draw on nomadism – meaning to wander, to always be ready to move and to do so happily. Therefore our creations are designed to fit into different settings and be moved easily and they will be noted throughout the interior as spots that bring comfort and joy into our daily lives.


Our Scandinavian ancestors travelled north. They discovered a landscape of forests and sandy beaches, with bright and mild summers but harsh winters. They learnt modesty, to save valuable resources and to always rely on their common sense. The Scandinavian design tradition was born out of necessity, a way of thinking handed down over generations. And it is a tradition that will always be in fashion, because we are all modern-day nomads - the world is our home. And in this mix of cultures, we find peace in the uncomplicated and joy in the simple and functional. Our collection is designed for today's people. While Norrmade is looking to the world, our roots are solidly planted in the Nordic soil.


Our showroom is located in the town of Fredensborg, north of Copenhagen, where the Danish queen also resides. Our collection is on display a short distance from her castle, at a historic house that was previously an old jail and court house from 1857. The old cells and hall area are preserved as they were more than 150 years ago, but now serve to showcase our furniture, providing a contrast to the old that cannot be explained in either words or pictures.


Tinghusvej 13
3480 Fredensborg
phone: +45 20268518